Nexus Triangular Super Smooth Pencil Set


Giant triangular colour pencils in 12 bright colours, require little or no pressure when applying colour onto the paper. Ideal as a first colouring pencil, easy to blend and colour mix. Darker colours can be applied on top of lighter colours to create scratchboard. The triangular shape encourages the child to pinch the pencil with thumb and first finger, with the middle finger behind (making a dynamic tripod) with an open and stable thumb webspace. The soft bright pigments can be easily applied onto sugar paper and are used by many nursery schools in children's Learning Journey books. When sharpening, the pigment comes away from the pencil shaving and can be used to great effect for stencilling. After sharpening collect the pigment, children can then use their fingers to push the colour over the edge of one piece of paper onto another. To sharpen please use the large hole from a Nexus twin hole sharpener.

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