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What's new at nexus home learning

Nexus have developed bespoke and engaging products to help children learn and develop through creative play

Miss Sowden

Pegs to Paper has engaged our young boys and made them see themselves as writers. I would highly recommend


Rachael G

The products we have from Nexus are amazing. The children at my school love them all, especially the Pegs to Paper. It is great for all age ranges and abilities. They will all be writing in no time!


Mrs M

I used these pencils from Nexus last year and found them brilliant. They lasted so well and could go weeks and they were still going strong in June!


Mrs H

Wonderful construction, beautifully made!


Why choose NEXUS?
We have developed all the products you need to help your child develop better handwritting skills
Pegs to paper
Support your community
20% of your spend goes back in rewards to your local nominated Nursey or School
Nexus Rewards
Why is handwriting so important "Pegs to Paper - Foundation to Handwriting" is a program designed to teach the basics of handwriting using the Nexus Giant Pegboard and Pegs. It can help all young children develop their handwriting skills particularly those who struggle.
Nexus School of thought

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