Nexus Home Learning Handwriting Set


3 x HB tri Pencils, 6 x Natural Writers, 2 x 4 Black and Blue fibre tip Handwriters, 1 x Blister pack Eco Writer

Nexus Handwriting Set everything to supply your child's handwriting needs. Our set includes:

1 x Nexus Eco Writer
Ergonomic grip that promotes good handwriting technique
Suitable for both right and left handers
Free flow ink - formulated specially for rollerball pens
Pen barrel is clear to allow for name tags
Packaged with 2 blue cartridges & 1 black cartridge

4 x Nexus Triangular Handwriter Black and 4 x Blue
Designed to fit naturally into a pupil's hand using the thumb and first two fingers. With a smooth writing nib, ventilated cap, quick drying, non-smudging ink. Available in black or blue ink.

3 x Nexus Jumbo HB Triangular Handwriting Pencil
Jumbo triangular shaped barrel, ideal first writing pencil for Children. Designed by literacy consultants as a first handwriting pencil, ergonomically designed to fit in a child's hand, with centralised leads that sharpen well. Sold in a box of 144 pencils.

6 x Nexus Natural Writer
Non Slip 7.2 mm diameter - continues to encourage the child to pinch the pencil with the thumb and first finger, with the middle finger behind (making a dynamic tripod) with an open and stable thumb web space. Has a non slip coating for extra grip.

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