Pegs to Paper Step 1 & P2P Count Up Exploring Numbers 1-5 Combination Set


What's in the Box?

  • 2 x Linking Pegboards 
  • 1 x P2P Count Up 1-5 Rods & Tiles 
  • 1 x Chalky Pastels 
  • 1 x Microfibre Cloth
  • 50 x Coloured Pegs (10 x orange, 10 x blue, 10 x yellow, 10 x green and 10 x red)
  • 5 x Linking Coloured Pegs (orange, blue, yellow, green and red)

This set is the perfect P2P Range Combination. to develop children's Literacy, Numeracy skills, and artistic skills as Chalky Pastels that can be used on paper, chalkboards, glass, wood, and much more.

Use the 5x5 linking pegboard and pegs to recreate the Peg to Paper Step 1 pattern cards. This will encourage listening skills, motor development & handwriting grips, language development, healthy brain development, and pen control for letter formation. The practice of placing the pegs within the hole on the 5x5 pegboard will also encourage the development of your child's fine motor skills.

Use the Bamboo rods and tiles to develop your child's numeracy skills. Along with the Free Support Material, your child can learn about matching, pattern making, smaller/bigger/same as, step counting, and number sentences.

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