Nexplay Marble Run Small Wooden Toy Set


Nexplay Marble Run hand made from bamboo and recycled plastic

NexPlay Bamboo marble runencourages early engineering and three-dimensional thinking skills. The marble run is compatible with other Bamboo Builder sets and helps foster innovative creating with balance and motor skills. It’s perfect for promoting visual and cognitive thinking processes and building a strong STEAM foundation.

The Bamboo Build and Run aims to expand childrens possibilities by helping them develop foundation STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills as they build different configurations.

Multiple ways of designs encourages early engineering skills and three dimensional thinking and builds creative capacity.
It offers many different ways to encourage kids in engineering and problem solving challenges.

Hand crafted carbonised tracks, colourful cylinders, and sustainable wooden powder spirals, each with a different function, are the starting point for an infinite number of designs for marbles to drop to a new level, go right or left, or pour out of the spirals.

Each main set contains an instruction booklet. Easy to set up.

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