Nexus Home Learning Educational Toys

What springs to mind when you hear the words ‘home learning’?

Do you think of having to home-school your children? Do you think of having to sit down and work through textbooks and follow a certain structure set out by your child’s school? Do you think it sounds difficult and not what you want to be spending your spare time with your children doing after a long hard day? Or on the other hand you might think it sounds fantastic!

Well either way, what Nexus mean by ‘home learning’ is taking some time as and when you feel comfortable either at home, out and about or on the go, to sit and interact with your child. Listen to them, communicate with them but most of all PLAY with them and as a result of this time spent together you will soon see your child’s personal and academic skills developing.

Nexus Home Learning has created a line of products that are designed to encourage children to learn through play and imaginative play. We want to make the time you spend learning with your children FUN and EASY! We want to help those that may be struggling in a school or nursery setting to have a chance to keep learning where they feel comfortable at home or with the ones who care for them.

Nexus Home Learning Educational Wooden Toys

Have a browse of our home learning range and see how the products available can slot into your daily routine. 20 minutes of imaginative play after dinner with one of our NexPlay sets, arts and crafts at the weekend or after school. It doesn’t matter where you are or when you do it. The children will love it!